Luis Perez: A Conference Favorite

Luis Perez imageAs past conference attendees who were lucky enough to attend his sessions on technology and accessibility know, Luis Perez puts on a great session. He has twice presented at past conferences of The Arc of NC and both times his were some of the most talked about parts of the conference experience. Luis has a PhD in special education and became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2009. He understands technology at a very deep level, yet retains a knack for breaking things down in an easy to understand way. His audience will walk away with useful real world knowledge they can put to use- often while they are still in the room!

Read on to learn a little more about Luis from this background pulled from his website,

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Meet Jordan Nance, Filmmaker

Jordan Nance

Meet Jordan Nance. Nance is a filmmaker with a love for old-time bluegrass music & the radio stations that played and continue to play it.

He delved into North Carolina's rich bluegrass history in his film Broadcast: A Man and His Dream, a documentary on groundbreaking Mount Airy radio broadcaster Ralph Epperson. The film has been aired multiple times on UNC-TV and has been screened at several bluegrass events. The upcoming 2015 Mountains of Music Homecoming event in Historic Star Theatre in Stuart, VA will be screening the film tomorrow.

Those attending The Arc of North Carolina's 2015 Annual Conference will have the opportunity to attend a screening as well, and meet Nance.

For Nance, the making of Broadcast was long, and not without challenges. He was born with spastic cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and relies on a Dynavox communication device to speak. Medical complications, including seizures and a bout of pneumonia slowed the progress of the film at times. . Ultimately, none of the obstacles he faced were formidable enough to halt the development of his dream project.

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The Arc needs Conference gifts! Calling all artists!

gift.jpgAre you an artist? Are you a person with an intellectual or developmental disability? Do you make something that would make a great gift? If so, The Arc of North Carolina needs you! We would like to purchase our conference speaker gifts from you.

Every year, The Arc of North Carolina holds an Annual Conference. We always give the people who speak and present at our conference a small gift to thank them. In the past, we have given framed artwork and calendars.  These are just examples from past conferences- we are excited to see this year's submissions! 

If you have something you create that would make a good gift, we’d like to know. Here are the guidelines for the gifts:

  1. Gifts must cost between $15.00 and $20.00 each.
  2. You must be able to provide at least 15 gifts.
  3. Gifts must be made by a person with a disability in North Carolina.
  4. Gifts must be in our Raleigh office by September 11, 2015.

We will be taking submissions until August 24th and picking the winning selection on August 31st!

Please submit your gift ideas to Gerri Smith at or 800-662-8706. Please feel free to call or email if you have questions.

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Meet the Turnbulls

Rud_and_Ann_Turnbull-2-SPOTLIGHT.jpgThe Arc of North Carolina is proud to announce that Ann and Rud Turnbull will be the keynote speakers for The Arc's 2015 Annual State Conference.

The husband-wife team brings a wealth of intellectual and developmental disability expertise: They are the co-founders of the Beach Center on Disability at the University of Kansas and renowned experts in disability research and policy. They were both selected by their peers as people who "changed the course of history for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the 20th century."

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